I have used Deezer for just under 30 years, albeit, some of it has been using a free account.
For over a year now, I have subscribed monthly to Deezer using premium and paid a monthly subscription of 129 baht. Unfortunately, my bank card got stolen a few weeks ago so I had to cancel card and get a new one. I forgot to upload my new card details so my subscription was cancelled.
I tried to reactive my account but they are now charging three times the amount. I was originally paying 129 baht per month in Thailand but this has not increased to 380 baht per month, which is three times the amount. I messaged them saying I would not pay their new amount as as Spotify is only charging 129 baht per month. I got a reply saying that they are competing with global giants (which I thought would be Spotify) and no apology and they were more than happy for me to leave.
I have created many playlists over the years so I asked them for copies of my playlists and this took five days for them to copy screenshots but on looking at the screenshots they have just screenshots of about 20 songs of each playlists where some playlists have over 1000 songs.
Even with a complete list of the songs, this will take ages to replicate.
I have emailed them saying I want full playlists and they are not replying.
Has anyone else experience this unacceptable treatment?
I am so surprised that such a global company has just stopped my access and been so unresponsive and not even trying to retain my customer service. And I wonder if my card had not been cancelled, would payment have gone up as I had no pre-warning that my payment plan would be increased.
I have now changed to Spotify and paying 129 baht a month for Premium but now I do not have my Playlists which I will have to recreate (when Deezer supplies these!) which took me years to create and I cannot even remember most of the songs that were on it.
It has been a week now this has been ongoing and Deezer is being very unresponsive.

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Hey @AngeCass04 

Do you remember your deezer username?

If your playlists were publicly viewable, there might be a chance to view the lists and create exports.


Thanks so much for replying and that is good advice.  I think I know my Deezer username but not sure if correct and I cannot find it on Deezer page as it just shows me payment plans.  However, I am 99 percent my playlists were not public.

Let’s hope they finally reply to me.  It will take me ages to replicate the playlists but I so hope they can provide me with screenshots of all my songs and one of my favourite playlists is a mixture of my favourite songs from the 90s up until now and had thousands of songs and I really cannot remember.

Cheers again



Just an idea: Maybe you can get into your free account via VPN. Have you tried or considered it?

Thanks.  I have tried searching Deezer and logging in via in cognito but still showing just offer page.