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  • 9 January 2023
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Why did Deezer membership monthly fees go up with double the membership fees? Spotify did not have an extreme membership hike like Deezer… Deezer how do you justify the extreme price hike? Are you not worried about losing clients due to the double up monthly fees, are the company doing that well?

Just think a country that doesn't have a good exchange rate against the US$, we have to pay a whole lot more to have the same service just to have music that are not accentual but a luxury. I will not give it two thoughts to go over to Spotify which use to be more expensive than Deezer (hence me joining Deezer and not Spotify). I use Deezer every day listening to music on my way to work or wherever I can, I would miss my daily music service for music but I’m not willing to pay double in service fees for what I had. I would rather make an alternative plan or join a music service with a cheaper monthly service fee.


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Hello there @Funky Dodo 

With recent changes, this question has been asked frequently. Community Manager @Jaime. answered it yesterday quite thoroughly, so I will include it here.


“I understand that you’re frustrated about the price increase. First of all, I wanted to say thank you for supporting Deezer all these years. The reason that we’ve done it is simple - we want all of our users to have access to HiFi by default. We also want to be able to pay artists more and support the industry better. And we want to be able to continue to bring our listeners like you the music and podcasts they want, no matter if it’s your personal Flow or one of our many different channels, compilations or playlists. 

Prices have not changed in a very long time. The music library has grown from just over 5 million tracks to over 90 million tracks today in a decade. We’ve also continued to invest in features that none of our competitors have. We have Flow and our industry leading recommendation engine, SongCatcher, and a constant stream of content that’s created by our editors (not algorithms).

We hope that you decide to stick around with us and enjoy Deezer as you have been doing for so many years.

Thanks :) “


I hope this helps.


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Thanks for your help @GropplerZorn! 😊

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And here I am, thinking I already paid 10€/mo for Deezer 

Been a Hi-fi and premium customer for 5 years now, the price increase is way too much for me and cancelled my subscription just now. The currency conversion rate in my country is tripled. It is like me making an advance 3 months payment for the price of one month with the current increase. I will just find other streaming platforms instead. Thanks for the 5 years service tho.