NEW Deezer app for WearOS3

NEW Deezer app for WearOS3



It is finally here! 

We have redesigned our music app for WearOs smartwatches!



What has changed? 

Now you can select your favourite playlists

Listen to Flow 

Download your favourite tracks

Leave your phone at home and listen to your music on the go.


What do you need? 

An active Deezer subscription (Premium or Family) 


This whole new experience lets you enjoy your music on your smartwatch even when your phone is sitting elsewhere🏃🏃🏻🏃🏾💨


The Deezer app for WearOs 3 allows it to function smoothly, not only in the new Google Pixel watch but on many devices running this new software.


You can download the new app directly to your watch via the Play Store 📲


What is your favourite playlist to listen to on the run? 


Great news! However, I constantly run into an error while trying to log in on my Galaxy Watch 4 (pressing 'log in with phone'). Any idea why? 


Have you downloaded the latest stable version from the Play Store or maybe installed a beta version?

I'm part of the beta program, I'm not sure if there is any difference between the apps rn. I've downloaded it from the play store nontheless. 

Most of the problems are currently with the beta versions. The watch should work with the last stable version from the store.