The sound is distorted when using earbuds with webplayer on my computer

  • 27 March 2023
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The sound is fine if I do not have my earbuds connected, the sound is also ok with my earbuds on a call but for some reason if I try to listen to Deezer with my earbuds the sound is awfully distorted like my earbuds are underwater.

I tried clearing the cookies of Chrome it helped until I disconnected my earbuds and connected them back again.

I tried using Edge same thing happen and the windows app keep giving me error messages MS0610 so I ended uninstalling in.

I’ve been using Deezer for years and never had such issues before/

What is the solution….?

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3 replies

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Hello @Gellygen, is Deezer the only website where you are having this sound issue? 

Does it happen with other browsers? 

Hello @Yula , Deezer is the only website with the issue.

I tried other browsers and have the same results.

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This should not be happening @Gellygen and we can not reproduce the issue. 

Can you reconnect the earbuds please?