Deezer x Sonos

  • 17 October 2023
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Deezer x Sonos
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As some of you may already know, Deezer entered into a long-term partnership with Sonos earlier this year. Since April, Deezer's streaming radio service, Sonos Radio, and its subscription service, Sonos Radio HD, have provided an extensive, curated music catalog.

We in the Community team therefore want to take the opportunity to start a cooperation here too 💪. Sonos also has a 👉cool community 👈 So you can be excited to see what's to come. 😎


Sonos stylish speakers deliver incredible sound for music, TV and much more. They are the perfect partner for our music catalog. 🤝 The Sonos app allows you to listen to your entire Deezer music library in every room of your home. 🎵

Sonos really has a wide range of products, there is something for every taste 🔉

  HERE you will find an overview and detailed descriptions of all speakers.


❗ Do you already know Sonos? Do you use the products? What are your recommendations? Feel free to leave a comment about it. ❗


Are you a proud Sonos user? 😎 Then grab our exclusive Sonos Badge now 😍



6 replies

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Love Sonos and can solidly recommend the Era 100 and Era 300 speakers. They work seamlessly with deezer and the sound quality is excellent. One Era 100 will fill an average room nicely. The Era 300 is considerably more money, but is an enormous step up.

I use them mostly through the Sonos app, occasionally via AirPlay, and can speak highly of their integration with Sonos Voice Control.

I have tried a number of other options, including HomePods and Echo speakers, and Sonos wins hands down. It’s not even close.

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Earlier this year I bought a Ikea/Sonos Symfonisk speaker. I’m really enjoying this speaker. The sound is great and the speaker looks good in the living room.


Like @GropplerZorn I do use the Sonos app most of the time when I’m using my Chromebook or Android phone. And sometime I do use my work iPhone and then I’ll use Deezer with AirPlay.

This is my first Sonos speaker and I really enjoy it.

I only hope that they will improve their Android app (iOS and MacOS apps are fine).



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I have used different Sonos devices during several years.

I am disappointed by the lack of functionality offered when using deezer with the Sonos App compared to the functionalities you get when using the Deezer App (for ex., where are the different sorts of Flow...).

It seems to be the same thing on any third party devices.

Not a good point for me when you pay and do not benefit from all the value added functionalities. It’s furthermore the case when you like to discover new artists, titles…

I also realized that always needing a smartphone, a tablet or a PC, is not as easy, as natural, as using an old hifi system, accessible to anyone directly (Friends, Children, Grand Parents). Why not including a nice 7” / 10” touch screen to make the devices totaly autonomous?

Because of that I am really thinking about other solutions, streaming services…

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Yesterday i became a proud owner of a new Sonos Ray soundbar.

Very nice! Great sound, easy installation and works perfect with our TV.



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Hello !

Today I received my portable Sonos ROAM speaker and now I’m proud owner of one peace. 
I use ROAM through the Sonos app on my android and PC and listen Deezer music. For now works great .
Sound is fantastic . 



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Oh, I really like the colour 😀