Where have the Mixes gone on the SONOS app?



I have updated the SONOS app to version 14.8.1 and I can no longer find the Deezer Mixes anywhere. I have Flow and the 6 “moods”, but the long list of mixes which are available on the Deezer app (Favourites>Mixes>Explore) are nowhere to be found in the SONOS app. Does anyone know where they have gone?




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Hey @DavidCh99 

As it stands, the mixes are disappearing completely. In the current beta of the iOS app (9.15), the menu item has already been completely removed. 😑

Hi @dee_dirk 


Thanks for the reply. It’s very disappointing the mixes are going altogether - but does explain why they’re not in the SONOS app. 


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On 1. of June Deezer startet using the new Sonos UI for integrating music services. 
As you can see now there is a new design and some new Deezer contents visible on Sonos. The flow moods and the individual playlists are new within the Sonos app. 
But mixes have gone… may be following plans to give it up completely in future.

As mentioned by @dee_dirk the iOS beta app lost it too. 
And even the final version of the mobile app lost the link from mainpage to mixes. You are only able to find them by using the way you mentioned (favorites… mixes…) or using the search option. 

This way even works for Sonos app… but you have to search for a spezial genre like pop or something else and have to set search for stations. 


Sad to see the mixes go. I used them regularly. On Android I cannot find mixes in favorites anymore.



Re:   New Deezer interface for SONOS.  A big step backward in my opinion.  My preferred way to discover new music (classical and jazz) is browsing new album releases by genre.  This is gone altogether in the new SONOS app. Too much app real estate devoted to curated playlists.  Not enough to new recordings.  One more bug is pretty bad.  I am recommended death metal releases in SONOS.  Never listen to it and I am the only operator on the account.  

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Thx for your feedback… 

Imho the new interface is a great chance to make Deezer on Sonos much better. 
But i agree that the quality of presented content has to fit to the quality of  design. Maybe the way of technically integrating the contend has changed and the team hasn’t adapted that for all categories. However user on the german community also complained about this and there i forwarded the issue to the teams. I hope they will check it and improve the presented content on Sonos.