Shuffle and repeat issue in car

Just got Deezer a few days ago. I’ve been testing it out and it’s been great aside from a few quirks. One of which is when connected to my car via bluetooth, the app will automatically go on repeat and when I try to turn off repeat it glitches and puts on shuffle and repeat. Wondering if this is a known issue with a workaround because I couldn’t figure out how to get it to normal play mode consistently. Pressing the repeat icon should definitely not alter the shuffle mode state.


iPhone 13 mini running newest Deezer on iOS 15.7.1 via Bluetooth in a 2017 Jetta SE


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The same with iPhone and Ford. This issue has been mentioned in community long time ago. But no one care.

Damn it. Thanks for letting me know.


Not liking what I am seeing in these Deezer forums. Reminds me of Spotify not fixing things for years, if ever

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Hey, sorry about that, could you try connecting your Deezer to your Car Entertainment System

or to the Waze app?

Hi Yula, I specifically do not do either of those things on purpose. I like my devices to be independent not enmeshed and confusing. Would this be for trouble shooting or a suggestion for how to use the app in the car?


I’ve had this issue, as well. No one seems to fix anything. There are no release notes, no mentions of improvements or fixes. Deezer seems to be in a derelict state, in damage control mode: raising prices but nothing else.