playlist order has reversed after upgrading to Deezer HiFi

  • 16 May 2020
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I have a ‘Favourite’ playlist to which I add songs that I want to listen to when not listening to albums. Recently I reloaded to app to get HiFi quality and my list order had reversed. I used to have it so that the latest song was on top and I could listen to all my songs starting with the latest. Since reloading the app the song on top is the oldest and I need to now scroll through hundreds of songs to get the latest sing which obviously is the one I want to play the most.

Can the list be revered? 

5 replies

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Hi there @Rikuc

Thanks for reaching out about this. In what Deezer iOS app is this happening? Have you tried reinstalling it?

Have a nice week ahead :v_tone2:

I am having the same problem today. I haven't tried re installing the app and it made not difference. How can this be reversed? :) 

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Hey @Sabie 

You're also on another topic about this. Please update your app to the latest version :relaxed:

Hey @Rudi


How do i do that? As i have tried deleting and re installing the app twice and it has made no difference :(


Could you advise if there is another way to update the app in the settings?


Asaybi :) 

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Hey! @Sabie 

Just replied to you on the other topic again! :smile:

Can you confirm the app version for me please?