MYDeezeryear dosent work

  • 3 December 2023
  • 6 replies

Mydeezeryear literaly doesn’t work for me: it plays 2 song’s extracts and it stops after 2mn

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6 replies

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Hi @HL Rillh, what do you mean?

Do you mean your My Deezer year 2023 playlist or #MyDeezeryear which you can view/listen to on the app?

I’m also using iOS 17.1.2 with Deezer without any problems.

Do you mean this on (few screenshots):



Or do you mean the playlist:



Yes with this

I use Deezer on the app



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Hi @HL Rillh: do you still have the same problems with MyDeezerYear?

Did you try to view MDY on a different device?

I still have the same pb.

I use the app on an iMac and an iPhone: same behavior

same here. i tried on web and in the app. it always says i didnt stream enough.. but i use it every day :(

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Hi @HL Rillh @Miks, sorry to hear that you are having that kind of experience.

Regarding your difficulties with MDY, could you please provide the version of the Deezer application installed on your device?

Have you tried accessing MDY via web or desktop? Are you experiencing the same issue on these platforms?

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this situation may be causing.