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  • 25 December 2023
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I am trying to transfer my favourites from a YouTube  using tune my music but it doesn’t work or transfer my music. 

I am a Uk premium member. Is this function not available to uk members?


Best answer by Nina Nebo 25 December 2023, 16:59

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4 replies

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Hi @nassar ali !

Maybe link below can help you

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hey there @nassar ali 

I’ve had good luck using SongShift (if you are using iOS), or if you are on Android you can try the alternatives listed here.

Best of luck.

Thank you for the suggestions. I have tried them but everytime I try to transfer I keep getting an error message that the track is missing. When i go into Deezer a file has been created with the file name but the track is not there. it’s a straight forward process which I am following clearly but somethings not working. 

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In the past I’ve used and I was very pleased with Soundiiz.

For free you can try 1 song or 1 artist to transfer at the time (as many times you like).