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Almost all artist discographies are looking weird to me no albums almost shows up and I don’t know what to do


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Give me a few examples please . 

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I have the same issue. Search for pretty much any artist you can think of, click on discography and only a few random albums are displayed. Selecting the ‘More Albums’ option does not return any more albums. I search for an album, it can be seen in the search results, and I can navigate to the album. So why is it not listed under the artist. As an example, I chose The Rolling Stones, knowing they have released dozens of studio albums, but I only see the one ‘On Air (Deluxe)’

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Hello @Elizabeth Waldetoft & @ADJ,

The issue you raise appears to be a known issue and the fix for it has already been spotted in the Beta release and should make it to the Stable release by this month.

More details and answer in a similar post here.


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Hi @Elizabeth Waldetoft @ADJ, thank you for sharing this information.
In fact, we have received in the last days some complaints from users reporting the same problem, but only in the iOS version.
In the Beta 9.44 version, the situation has already been resolved and the display of all content appears.
In the normal version the resolution of the problem will be available from the 24th to the 25th of July.