Carplay black screen

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I’m using the most recent update of Deezer, but somehow I can’t use Deezer.

When starting Deezer everything works fine, but when using it again during driving (or standing still) every option can’t be used.

Home, Favorites, Podcast or Liveradio, it doesn’t work.

The only thing that still works is the button on the far right.


Does anyone also has this issue with their iPhone, Deezer and Carplay?


Best answer by Nina Nebo 6 July 2024, 11:41

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Yes I have the same problem since last update with Apple Carplay. When I restart my phone everything is working fine. But if I connect my phone for the second time I have the black display again. I hope this problem can be solved quickly.

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Hi @awesomemac  @Brutus 


I have info from our Deezer community manager @Leonídia.Deezer  :

“We've been receiving complaints about Apple CarPlay, particularly from users of the iOS Beta version.

Some comments we've detected include:

  • "Apple CarPlay no longer works since the last update. It doesn't display anything, just an empty screen."
  • "Deezer no longer works with CarPlay, black screen."

This issue is indeed a bug that arises when connecting the phone to CarPlay without a network.

Our team is actively working on a fix, and it should be resolved in the next beta update.”

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Hi @Nina Nebo, thank you for passing on the information 😃


I don’t use the iOS beta, but the official release and I’ve a stable network (as you can see on the photo).

I’ll wait and see...

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Thanks @Nina Nebo 

As soon as it is fixed we will let you know.

Thanks for you patience and understanding

@Nina Nebo Thanks!

I’m also using the normal version and not the beta version of the Deezer app

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Hi @awesomemac @Brutus, thank you for reaching out.

I've shared your feedback with our team, and they have confirmed that they were able to reproduce the issue.

Currently, they are working on fixing it, and the solution will be included in the upcoming version of our mobile application.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Strange the support team have not been made aware of this issue. Instead they are telling me it’s Apples issue and I should contact them. Only happened with the latest Deezer update!!

Hi @Leonídia.Deezer, do you know when we can download the new Deezer app?

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Hello @Brutus so the latest news I have from the developers is that we have identify the issue and we are working in the fix on the actual iOS beta version 

Normally, the normal version get’s out in 2 to 3 weeks, so fingers cross that by end of this month new version is available.

In the meantime, if you wanna try roll back to a older version of the Deezer app, have a look at this website - How to Install Old Version of App for iPhone (note that installing previous version, you might miss some recent features or bug corrections).

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Thanks @Leonídia.Deezer.

I changed my iPhone to an Android phone for the time being.