album pic in car display disappeared

The pics of the albums or songs playing has disappeared from the car stereo but with Apple / Spotify etc they are all still there 

has there been an issue on an update ? 


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Hey there @Don Campbell

What autoradio are you using? 

I’ve a Alfa Giuetta 2017 car 

the albums appeared no problem  on it but now have disappeared with just a black square with a note symbol in the middle ? 


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Hey @Don Campbell, do you mean that you can hear the music fine but the artcover of the album disappeared? 

From which mobile are you playing? Which version of the app? 

Yes the music plays but the album pic has gone now 

I’ve an iPhone 12 max and the Deezer version is 9 15 0





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Hey @Don Campbell

But you can see the albums on the app, correct? 

It’s only on the car radio that they don’t appear? 

Is there a way you can update the autoradio? 


Yes just on car stereo 

they were fine on it and a few weeks ago disappeared 

the car is up to date as is Deezer 

Apple Music etc is still fine all the artwork is still fine and appears just the drezer app they have vanished on so that’s why I’m assuming something has went wrong on the Deezer app on an update maybe