SharePlay support or group listening option

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Apple has released SharePlay for FaceTime, which allows the user to share and sync the playing of movies, TV shows, and music with up to 32 subscribers. Apple has stated that the new functionality is available to third party developers. I think. This would be an awesome feature, whether Deezer implements it through SharePlay or within its own framework.

Thank you for creating this idea! It would be a really cool feature indeed, let’s wait for some more votes! 


Updated idea statusNewIn discussion

Updated idea statusNewIn discussion

I‘d love to have such a feature!

The only reason I am on Spotify is there is remote party listening option. If Deezer brings it, I will switch today.

When is this coming?

Any news on this one? iOS 17 is out, and having this feature  when listening to Deezer via Carplay would be very welcomed, it looks really indispensable for long family trips!