Chromecast volume control with android app

  • 3 May 2021

I would like to report a defect (or at least bad usability experience):


Current behavior: 

  • Setup: I use the deezer app on an android mobile phone (google pixel 2 (android 11)) to stream on a chromecast audio device. 
  • Affected use case: Via the mobile phone I for instance control the volume of the chromecast via volume buttons on the side of the phone
  • The problem: 
    • Only a short time after selecting a song or skipping a song I am able to control the volume via the buttons of the phone
    • very soon the chromecast volume control will not appear anymore, when I hit the volume button of the phone (see screenshot)
    • even when the app is in front the volume control will not work again once it was lost
    • interesting is that selecting a song or skipping a song in the play list still works fine - so the problem is with the volume only.
  •  workaround: 
    • I have to hit the chromecast button in the app where I can change the volume again
    • controlling the volume with the side buttons of the phone will only work again, when skipping or selecting a new song


Requested behavior:

  • chromecast volume control should work all the time while music is playing on chromecast, even if:
    • phone screen locked
    • app is not in focus
  • described behavior seems to be possible for other apps using chromecast like zattoo, spotify.

Would be great if you could fix it! 

Thanks for your feedback @largi  I’ll pass all the information to our developers :relaxed:

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