Chromecast volume control with android app

I would like to report a defect (or at least bad usability experience):


Current behavior: 

  • Setup: I use the deezer app on an android mobile phone (google pixel 2 (android 11)) to stream on a chromecast audio device. 
  • Affected use case: Via the mobile phone I for instance control the volume of the chromecast via volume buttons on the side of the phone
  • The problem: 
    • Only a short time after selecting a song or skipping a song I am able to control the volume via the buttons of the phone
    • very soon the chromecast volume control will not appear anymore, when I hit the volume button of the phone (see screenshot)
    • even when the app is in front the volume control will not work again once it was lost
    • interesting is that selecting a song or skipping a song in the play list still works fine - so the problem is with the volume only.
  •  workaround: 
    • I have to hit the chromecast button in the app where I can change the volume again
    • controlling the volume with the side buttons of the phone will only work again, when skipping or selecting a new song


Requested behavior:

  • chromecast volume control should work all the time while music is playing on chromecast, even if:
    • phone screen locked
    • app is not in focus
  • described behavior seems to be possible for other apps using chromecast like zattoo, spotify.

Would be great if you could fix it! 

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Thanks for your feedback @largi  I’ll pass all the information to our developers :relaxed:

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Same here, I hope for a qick fix.
Streaming over Chromecast loses the ability to change the volume after a song changes. As described in the hack above you can temporarely bring it back when hitting the Chromecast symbol as long as the popup is in foreground. However, of course the volume keys should aways work with chromecast when streming, regardless if Deezer itself is in foreground or the screen ist switched of.

@Tigaaa glad to hear that I am not the only one having this problem. I currently using deezer in trial mode. This issue is currently holding me back from going premium.

@Jaime. Any feedback from the developers? Any indication when it will be fixed?

I just fund out that skipping MANUALLY sets the audiofocus to Chromacast again, but as before just for this single song. When the next song appears, you can’t control the volume anymore

Shouldnt’t this thread be moved to the “Android trouble” section instead of the “ideas”-section as this is clearly an error instead of a “nice to have” feature?

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Hey @Jaime. do you have some news regarding this issue? Or just Chromecast integration in general, which is really poor compare to Spotify (for example)


I can't belive that this is still an issue!!!!

I just subscribed after a long time and now 1 minute later I have to cancel.

I can't ajust the volume unless I open the app and then click on the chromecast button first.


Please ask Google a solution for this Chromecast volume issue 😋

Amy update on this. It's such a shame such a good service is plagued by such simple ui features not working

Same issue here, same workaround but not acceptable. Other streaming apps don't have this issue.

Hope this is fixed fast...

I have the Android Deezer app on my Moto E and listen to the it on my Chromecast.... Absolutely no problems AT ALL! Couldn't be more satisfied. Deezer s competitors doesn't hold a candle to Deezer s performance!

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Hey there @Behike

Unfortunately no updates on Chromecast as the team had to prioritize other projects. 

Any update on this issue?