Can we please get a "Current song playing" API endpoint?

Okay, this has been bothering me for a bit. I was recently "flexed on" by visiting Discord and seeing a bunch of Spotify Rich Presence on peoples profiles. I got into researching for a Deezer alternative, at least something that displays the current song, and I found nothing.

To anyone that doesn't know: Discord is a messaging app that has grown quite popular(think of it as a Skype replacement), and lets you display stuff on your profile, like if you're playing a game or listening to music. Most programs/services have either a 3rd party rich presence app or provide it themselves.

There isn't even an API endpoint for the current song playing and its info. Now I don't want to play an armchair developer, but I was very disappointed I couldn't even make my own Discord rich presence because a music service cannot provide me with the current song playing through their own API.

My tone may seem a bit harsh, but I've been resorting to using a 3rd party app that saves their songs in an SQLITE3 database, and I'm planning on getting the current song from there with C and write my own simple Discord rich presence.

Some of you might now use Discord and might find this completely unnecessary, but I'm mostly making this thread because of the lack of endpoint, not just lack of Discord rich presence.

What the API endpoint would probably need(the bare minimum):

  • Title of the current song, artist, album, album artwork link
  • Status(paused/playing/...)
  • Time(3:30/4:20)

Other things you could achieve with that endpoint:

  • Rich presence on every other thing that provides it with a very tiny memory footprint and overhead(who needs a GUI for that???), which further exposes Deezer to the younger demographics
  • 3rd party clients that would fill up some of the niche markets, first thing I can think of is a terminal client? People make that and other people like it, doesn't cost anyone nothing

One more disclaimer. I am aware of the "workaround" with the Javascript SDK. However I find this completely unnecessary as that limits everyone's options, and something as simple and permanently running in the background does not need a javascript SDK.

If I missed something somewhere, go ahead and contact me.

Once again I apologize for possibly sounding either confrontational or rude. I just want this endpoint, and not rely on 3rd party software for the fun little programs/scripts I like to make in my free time. I would never make this thread if I haven't seen a thread on StackOverflow that's 3 years old and has the problem of that missing endpoint.

What’s on the desktop app that’s not on the web app? Like usually the desktop app is lacking and not the other way around. Like, Flow just vanished the last time I used it.

Mostly the speed and offline mode

Ok but offline mode has to be the only thing, i just compared the speed of both and it’s honestly neglectable or not even there. It’s not like the desktop app isn’t also just a chromium package. But you can contribute or fork the app and play with it the way you probably can’t with the official client. That’s why I posted it.