Audiobook/podcast: Create Checkmarks

I am listening a lot of audio books. My Problem is that deezer doesnt checkmarks the files i listened to. i have to write down the track i am in to. If you hear a lot of audiobooks the same time its difficult the handle the positions.
I'm new to deezer. I have a lot of different podcasts that I am in the process of catching up on. But I'm switching here from another app. How do I mark the episodes that I listened to as played?
Hi @Stephanie Meagan Tuell, if you listen just half of the podcast episode you will see half empty dot on the side. If you listen the the full episode, it will be all white. To "mark" as listened automatically, you just need to listen to them 🙂

Hi @Robbiphil, thanks for the idea, we will pass it on to the right team! Don't forget to vote for it 😉
same for podcasts - half way though a 60 min episode - go back to it a week later can't quite remember which episode or point in the episode I was on!

Create button for mark read or unread a podcast.

Hi @Herberson.Silva that is a very good idea :slight_smile: Our Podcast team is already looking into this. Thank you for your patience.

I think deezer is doing a greate job for NOT PROVIDING  the features that I mostly like in my country. 

Hi @Herberson.Silva 


I believe the Podcast player is due for some updates soon, hopefully it will have this feature (I too need it!) 

Hi there @Rob Igo 

That's right, our teams have been working on this and we should have more updates in the next couple of months :fingers_crossed_tone2:

This topic could be linked to the one about show counter of how many times has been listened  a song / playlist / album /artist.

Please introduce a function that remembers the position of an audiobook that was last played.

So that when a user plays the audiobook a gain, it picks up right where they left off. 


This is such an essential feature and without it, audiobooks on Deezer are too cumbersome to use



This here is now 5 years old. in the meanwhile there is no more audiobooks App anymore, and listing to audiobooks is getting worse. 

Any feedback on this? Or is that really easy feature just too easy? 

Does anyone know if spotify is doing that better?