Allow exclusive control of sample rate for external DACs

Related products: Desktop/Web

Add ability for the desktop app to act in exclusive mode in Windows to enable on-the-fly adjustment of sample rate depending on the source, avoiding windows up- or down-sampling before heading to external DAC. Bonus points to include an ASIO implementation option for ASIO enabled DACs.

There’s a workaround for this. In Windows, open your sound settings, go to volume mixer/app volume (you may need to scroll down), ensure you have Dezzer app open on your pc, find deezer in the app volumes and set the output device to your chosen device (works best if you have an external DAC). Now Deezer will have an exlusive mode over the device. find your device in your sound settings and set your device to the desired sample rate and bit depth, Deezer is cd quality FLAC so I have mine set at 32bits 48000khz. Now you have exclusive mode with it playing the correct sample rate and bit depth as you would for Tidal or Qobuz. Works in exactly the same way, this is just a more manual way of doing it. Enjoy!