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Hi. It would sure be nice if you could sort albums by release date. Also, seeing albums in a “details” style view instead of thumbnails would certainly be helpful when looking through albums by artists with hundreds of releases. I recently tried to browse Ray Charles records but its quite clumsy. Thanks. Love the sound.


That's a good idea,unfortunately the release dates are often wrong and wrong are the re-release dates and the re-mastered versions, as I have already advertised..

A distinction must be made between the date of first edition, reissue, remasters, special editions and publishing. The user should have information about your source (publishing and releasing this particular album, and information about when the album was first released). There are big differences between the individual releases, most users probably don't know. Just because an album is a remaster doesn't mean it's well done in terms of dynamic range. Some are perfect, but many times such an album sounds clear, but it has no dynamics, I don't like it, I have a headache, I'm not happy. 
For some albums, the labels are correct, but often not. I'll give an example

Whitney Huston-album Whitney Huston (her first album) on offer are 2 releases, which is great, the release date is 1985, it agrees. The second album is W.H.The Deluxe Anniversary Edition, which also features 1985, but this edition was released in 2010 I guess

 Bros-album Push (Deluxe Edition) correctly states the release year of this 2013 edition. What is missing, however, is when the album was first released. (1988)

Depeche Mode-Violator (Deluxe Edition) has a release date of 1990, which is the date of the first release but not of this edition, this deluxe edition was released I think 2006?

For example, this is pretty good
Phil Collins-album But Seriously (2016 remaster) and in the information is the year of the first release of 1989
The offer includes the same album in the Deluxe version, which is also a remaster from 2016, where there are more versions of songs, but I would welcome the original release of the album from 1989.

What I want to say is that it would be good to unify the album tagging system, not to always prefer newer editions at all costs but to have the original and remaster if possible and most importantly to provide the user with more information about the source, what kind of album I listen to, what source you draw from , what year is it, what publishing house.

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Absolutely, this is a must have. I'd implement it first even without having the correct years for all the different releases. 

this is a must have !!!!!!!!!!!!