Add a DJ feature

Used the edjing app to mix Deezer playlist tracks. This capability has now been removed from the edjing app.

There's an opportunity to improve the Deezer app by including a DJ feature / set up. It doesn't really matter whether we can save the mixes or not. Just the ability to mix would be great. This would take the Deezer experience to the next level!

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An easy DJ app would be amazing for Deezer and his users, a feature no other streaming service has so you can be different from Apple Music or Spotify. And your users would be thrilled. I hope you see the benefits for all sides here?!

I agree and will even pay a more for the feature, Will makes us amazing at parties

What was the Deezer companies original idea for creating the app?
For budding DJ’s from around the world to use the product on DJ apps, or to have the product used more as home entertainment, with less compatibility issues? 

Deezer management forgive me if you’re already doing this;
Organise a R & D/A & R department that could investigate the possibility of working with new companies creating DJ apps.

I’m hoping a new company would be excited to work with a company already known throughout the world and with hundreds of thousands of eager Deezer DJ’s already on their database.

No doubt big business can bring with it ‘big problems’ when it comes to any financial gains. But I’m hoping you can work it out fairly.😁

Maybe Deezer could think of creating a ’very basic’ DJ app, that primarily allows DJ’s to beat match & use a cross fader. 🤔

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This was one of the best things about Edjay! Please Deezer just create a simple tempo and cross fader plugin!