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Sort/Order by Release Date

  • 20 July 2018
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Can you please add ‘Release Date’ to the ‘sort by’/’order by’ dropdown list for playlist, so I can listen to a playlist in the order (or reverse order) of when the songs were released (newest to oldest or oldest to newest)?

8 replies

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Or can you add the release date column to the playlist view?
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Hi there, great suggestion. Please keep in mind that the release dates are not always the ones of when the music actually was released, but more when it was released on Deezer.

In any case, we are happy to pass this on 😉
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The release date for most albums do look like the original release date. Unfortunately the release date for remastered albums are showing the re-release date instead of the original release date...
Hello! I need sorting songs and albums by release date in my favorites tracks and albums lists, please, can you add this feature?
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Hi there @Olzhas

I've added your comment here so that we can keep all the votes in one place for better feedback!
They Should go to format like Allmusic.com a tab for main albums listed in chronological order by original release date. Then have a second tab for comps and Greatest Hits Etc.
I would love to see Sorted by Released Date on Deezer, when i add them into playlist, since it is added as Last Updated Date, would be cool to see release dates as well, so one can know which one is newly released song and which one is old one.
Would love to see the "sort by date" filter added to the "My Music > Albums" page too, not just the "Artist > Discography" page ! (would make more sense to me than the Alphabetical sort order which is rapidly of no use in real life since you generally have 100+ faved albums). Thanks !