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Mix of one selected artist and the current mix.

  • 17 January 2019
  • 9 replies

There is no option to let the selected artist mix. I'm not interested in others, so it should be up to choose what mix I want.

9 replies

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Hi there, I'm sorry, I didn't understand much about your idea... We only have one mix per artist, do you mean to have more than one?
We also have our flow tabs 🙂 have a look -
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If you click on the Top Songs tab of any artist profile, there will be a list of about 100 songs only from that artist that you can also shuffle. If you click on the blue Mix play button on an artist profile, you will get a Similar Artists radio, i.e. with other artists in between.
Top have all tracks?
Intersted all track mix without similar artist.
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It depends how many tracks the artist has released yet, about 100 can be all of his repertoire or maybe not.
This means that the lack of the function of a full mix of the artist and should be implemented.
No function - return to competitive Tidal, Bye Deezer
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I still passed this feedback on to the right team, and beside this idea was not implemented, I'm sure there will be some new features soon that will do something similar! 😉
Ok, Please quick implementing!
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I am in favour and I believe that delay also discourages me from using your services.