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Audirvana+ integration with Deezer HIFI

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With Qobuz and Tidal flac already there, it would be nice to have Deezer HIFI there as well. The Tidal jazz and classical selection is weak and the Qobuz selection is very good but not yet going in the USA. Deezer HIFI has a very good catalogue and sounds great and is my current choice.
Audirvana+ is my daily use music app and I would prefer to use one app for all.

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Thanks for the idea, let's hope it's implemented soon 🙂
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I support this. I had to give up on Tidal. Too many of their tracks were clipped. And they have no customer support. Deezer will have MQA soon.
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I have tried Tidal and Qobuz. Tidal has more songs than Qobuz, because Qobuz is focused on jazz and classics. I'm dreaming that one day Deezer'll buy Qobuz and we'll be able to listen songs on mobile phones in Flac or Hi-Res (if your phone's hardware and software support that quality, the same for the headphones with or without wires)

If I am not wrong, Audirvana costs about 64€ forever.
I would love that deezer hi-fi integrate the top audio service Audirvana plus ...
Audirvana+'s developer is happy to implement support for Deezer if Deezer will allow access to their API. Between Tidal, Qobuz, and Deezer I prefer Deezer and is planning to subscribe to its HiFi tier.

However the lack of support for exclusive audio device in Windows or integration with Audirvana is a non-starter so please consider opening up the API to Audirvana+. They will do all the work to make it happen. Seriously!
I too would love some Deezer integration; it's a great idea!!!