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  • 10 January 2018
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what I would like to see is the ability to start a flow from a playlist.

WHY: There are many reasons for this feature but one example of mine is because when I have visitors I would still like to use Flow but without playing black metal.

HOW: I would expect the result would be pretty much the same as if each playlist represented a single Deezer user which liked songs from that playlist and disliked all the songs.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: I am probably not the only one that wishes to have multiple playlists designed for mood, location or event (maybe summer music, party, chill...). But maintaining multiple playlists is extremely hard in Deezer and adding songs to them is quite a work. Now imagine that you wish to create (for instance) your own 80s playlist. You create your playlist, search for 80s and add a few songs you really like to your playlist. Now you open your playlist and start its Flow which will now target similar songs to the ones you just liked. Now the smart part here is that each song would have another button next to "like/dislike" which would "add/remove" the song to/from this specific playlist. This way you can quickly skip through the songs and modify your list or you can listen to flow directly and be able to add songs to your current playlist with great ease.

I believe this feature should be relatively easy from technical perspective and would add a great feature to Deezer and would also reduce our suffering from Flow currently being a very poor algorithm (there are already enough discussions about that).

Just a personal thought: I see a problem in my case when it comes to liking that for some songs I am just unsure like: "I do kind of like it or at least don't mind hearing it but I don't like it enough to press like and risk breaking my Flow". So I don't like it. But if Flow could be per playlist think of the possibilities...

3 replies

All are great suggestions and shouldn't be too hard to implement. I would also like the ability to add multiple playlists to the queue so I can mix and match based on genre and activities. https://en.deezercommunity.com/got-an-idea-9/ability-to-add-multiple-playlists-to-the-queue-5331/index1.html#post13432
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Hi @Matic.Oblak thank you for your suggestion. Apologies for the very late reply to this we are slowly working our way through this forum at the moment.

The idea of Flow is that there is only one, I understand your suggestion, but it might be against the whole idea of Flow as your personal soundtrack. Instead we do have the feature of "automatic recommendations". This enables you to listen to a playlist, once that playlist is over it will suggest songs that are similar to the ones in the playlist. You can find this feature in the browser on deezer.com and on our desktop beta app at the moment.

We also offer the different playlists categorised by mood, activity etc. You can find these on the home under "How do you feel today" or under "Browse".

However, we noted down your suggestion and are happy to pass it on 😉
Thanks @Flo.Deezer, I really did not know about the "Automatic recommendations".

For me, and most of my friends, having a song flow is a must; it is even more important than the UI. I wish that there is a "Flow" button next to each song, so I easily go and pick one song and fly with it.