• 23 November 2022
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I am paying for a family premium account TO NOT HAVE ANNOYING ADS. 

Why are you conning you customers by running constant ads that keep repeating while listening to radio or podcasts???? What a bunch of crooks!! Do you think we wont notice? 

What do you have to say for yourselves? Is this how you reward customers for paying for a subscription?

I will be reporting you and cancelling my subscription. What a bunch of crooks!!


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Hey @CheyenneJunior 

deezer only forwards radio and podcast streams and has no influence on the advertising contained here. This comes directly from the providers of the radio streams and podcasts.

You should reconsider your choice of words!

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Thank you for your reply @dee_dirk! 👌🏽


I am sorry but this is completely NOT the case. I dont know which country you live in but here in South Africa, Cape Town, we have a radio station called KFM. Every time I press play on the radio icon, Deezer runs the same ads before switching over to the radio. IT IS NOT THE RADIO'S ADS. I assure you. It is the exact same ads that play on a loop and then it cuts back to the station - sometimes mid-sentence of the show host speaking, or in the middle of the song that was on the radio. Then, it will replay those same ads intermittently during the time I'm listening to the radio. I know radio stations have their own ads - these are not those. These are being played by Deezer. I will be listening to a story the show host is telling, and it is SO FRUSTRATING when it gets cut off mid sentence to run THE EXACT SAME LOOP OF ADS from Deezer. It is very upsetting and I feel like I am being exploited since I AM PAYING FOR THE PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION - hence my choice of words that they are crooks! Send me your cellphone number and I will send you a video of what happens everytime you connect to the radio via Deezer. It will run the loop of ads first before switching over EVERY TIME. So if I get a call and it stops the radio, when I switch back - I have to listen to the same bloody loop of ads before the radio comes back on. 

You could test and compare the radio stream via TuneIn, for example.

If there is also advertising, deezer is innocent.

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 Send me your cellphone number and I will send you a video of what happens everytime you connect to the radio via Deezer. 

Yes, @dee_dirk , definitely do this.