Where are the mixes at android app

  • 3 April 2024
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Hello there! I have one question : When I use Deezer at Android auto, there is a tab where there are the mixes (eg. rock, jazz, etc.) However I cannot find where the mixes tab is in the Android App, where I could find all the mixes (genre, mood, decades etc). Could you please help me?

Thank you a lot!

4 replies

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Hi @Petros Papadimitriou !


On Android on HOME page is :
Mixes inspired by...Discover new tracks similar to your favourites
FLOW - An infinite, personalised mix of the music you love and new discoveries

On Favourites  💜 is by the word Favourites shuffle mode (two arrows) where you can shuffle your fav music .



Hello Nina!

Thank you for your response! I have found the mixes inspired by… and the Flow. However I cannot find mixes based on genres, moods, decades (eg Blues Mix, Rainy day mix, 90s mix, happy hour mix etc). I know they must exist because i can see them at Android Auto.


Thank you,

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I know what you mean @Petros Papadimitriou and what you are looking for , but I can't see that option on Android .
I was check on Deezer PC version and unfortunately there is no mixes based on genres, moods, decades too.
Maybe I'm wrong ,but in this moment I can’t find that .Maybe is that option available only on Android Auto !?

Hello Nina!

I cannot find it either. Yes, probably it is available only at Android Auto… Thank you a lot for your direct response!

Shine on,