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  • 29 April 2022
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Hi there,

You really need to add a list of new releases each week, ideally a separate list for new album and separately new singles. 
Your algorithm-based new releases suggestions are not good enough, and compound the problem if anything - if I am only allowed to see certain new releases then those are the ones I’m going to listen to, but then those are feeding into your algorithm to limit future new releases creating a very narrow idea of what new music a user wants to listen to. 
For example I looked in the new releases lists today and it showed me a grand total of 7 new albums, which is ridiculous. Every other streaming service provides a list of all weekly releases (or close to all), it is really a dealbreaker and is holding you back compared to the competition.  

5 replies

What about this?


When I look at the new releases page in Deezer I am only shown a handful of the weeks new releases, according to that page there are no new releases this week for electronic music, which is clearly not the case. I’m currently maintaining my Tidal account because it’s the only way to see everything that’s come out this week. 

 according to that page there are no new releases this week for electronic music, 

Then you are not looking properly. I can find many new releases from the 'Electronic' genre.

Do you work for Deezer?

Do you work for Deezer?

Nope. Should I?