Some feedback of a new Deezer customer

  • 13 May 2022
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I’ve tried to switch from Spotify to using Deezer a couple of weeks ago, mostly because of the FLAC quality and Spotify annoying me by giving worse and worse music suggestions and shuffle playing the same music over and over again. And I want to give some feedback of my Deezer onboarding experience to maybe improve some things.


While I really like the core features of Deezer I am also really, really struggling to finally replace Spotify with it. For example I learned, that it currently is impossible to use Deezer as music source in Google Home in most parts of the world. Which is disappointing because I used Spotify as music alarm Clock on Google Home. And also for some background music while reading in bed. Which means with Deezer that either I now have to get along without these things or that I have to come up with a likely worse self-built solution - if even doable. Also I don’t get why Deezer allows itself to be shut out by Google like this. Since it is basically forcing Spotify onto everyone, who also wants to use a music service via Google Home.


Then I am seriously missing a feature like Spotify Connect. I use my smartphone often as a remote control, while letting the music play on the high quality speakers, instead of playing it the crappy smartphone speakers. Also my current homeoffice setup relies on the music being played on the good speakers connected to my private workstation, while I control the playback via Spotify Connect on my company laptop. The same arrangement on Deezer right now is basically impossible. While I know there is something in the pipeline I also saw, that it is available as beta for iOS users since 8 months (I use Android). Which is a lot of time and gives me the impression, that Deezer is really not in a hurry to provide the feature.


A minor thing would be, that I’d really like to pin the Friday releases and Monday discovery playlists to my ‘Playlists’ menu, because I basically only would use my liked songs and said playlists to discover new music. Right now this seems not possible and I have to browse stuff in ‘Music’ to access them.


I’d find find it great to get some feedback if and when Deezer plans to resolve these things. Because right now, even with alot of goodwill from my side, Spotify is way more versatile and uncomplicated to use. And using two services and keeping the music in sync to just cover all use cases is imho not really a feasable way to go.

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Hello @RyeAndBeer

Thank you so much for your honest feedback. 

Regarding Google Home, unfortunately, we are not going to expand to new countries at the moment, but we will in the future. 

We are working on an android remote control at the moment, it is more complicated that it looks so it might still take some time, 

but we are on and it will be one of our next features to be released! 

Friday releases and Monday discoveries are not playlists, they are more of a “Flow” function, which is why they can not be saved to your favourites. 

You can always create a playlist copying the music proposed there. 


I will pass on your feedback to the rest of the team as well!