Show if song is already in playlist and which one it's in

  • 24 July 2020
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When I’m searching for music on the desktop app (or on android) and I’m not sure if I already got the song in one of my playlists I’d like to see a little text next to it saying something like already in your playlist “name_of_playlist”.

Same goes for Songs in the queue (when I’m listening to a playlist automatically created by Deezer which includes all of my music). There could be an extra column in the queue called From Playlist at the top and then the names of the playlists next to the songs.

This is something that has bothered me since I’ve started using Deezer.

Thanks for reading!


Edit: This is supposed to be only for playlists that the user created himself.

3 replies

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I already get this message, however, I believe if there's the same song, but from a different album, might not show this message...



So does that only pop up when you want to add a song to a playlist where it already exists in?


Because my suggestion was to have it as a permanent column in your queue as well as in the search view like I described. Please remove the ‘ALREADY EXISTS’ tag. This does NOT exist.

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Don't worry about it, @Cyan. I've passed your comments to the teams working on this and other interface improvements. Have a nice weekend :v_tone2: