RIP "360 app by deezer" :-(

  • 4 October 2022
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I was shocked to find out today that the time for the 360 app by deezer has apparently already come:


I am deeply saddened…

And yes, I never liked the 360 app. It was like the evil twin I never had.

And yet it all makes me sad…



2 replies

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Saddened for those who liked it, and slightly piqued because I bought Sony headphones for “360” compatibility. All the same, I never liked the tone of 360 - it was especially tinny sounding to my ears on iphone. Hoping the nex move will be a worthy Atmos implentation, although I’m not a lover of immersive remixes generally.

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It was a very nice app indeed! 

And the 360 sound was cool and spatial 🚀

However we are still able to enjoy all the music that Deezer offers and the powerful Flow! 📀

Long live to Deezer! 😎