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One of the joys of listening to Deezer is to discover new things I haven't heard before. But the algorithm is set to play the same things.

After Playing JJ Johnson's Proof Positive, 34 tracks followed. Four of them were "Laura" (from the same album) and five of them were "Turnpike" from the same album. So, almost 1/3 were the same two tracks.

That has to be fixed. It is absurd.

Correction!!! One more track has played and “Laura” has come on again.

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Hey @dgoorevitch

Are you talking about the automatic recommendations that come after playing a track? 

Or are you talking about Flow? 


Deezer looks like abandonware. They have raised the price but not their effort. 

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I don’t care anymoe. Gone to Tidal. Trying Presto music too (classical and jazz, excellent sound, better search engine)


I made the terrible mistake of buying an annual Deezer subscription. But, as with many other “produits cocorico” that I have bought over the years, I have been thoroughly disappointed.