podcast doesnt



I check with the person regarding malaysia youtuber he has already upload his pod cast until now

the latest episod does not sync

this is Second time happens.


Kind retrieve the problem

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Hey @iron.ali, glad to hear it is working now. You don’t need to keep asking for help, but can you share the link of the podcast on Deezer so we can check? 

Or what is the title of the podcast so I can look for it? 

yes ot works but tyere will more updates tomorrow evening . Every friday tyey will be upsates from the podcast and dont tell me I have to keep on asking to help

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Hi @iron.ali,

Just following up on Yula’s question, in order to help with this we need the link to the podcast - can you please post it as a reply here.



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Hello, @iron.ali 

Can you send me the deezer link to the podcast?