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  • 15 May 2023
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A feature that I used a lot on Spotify was playlist folders. I see there’s an existing feature request for this, which is no surprise. However, I actually think that system is limiting because each playlist could only exist in one place (unless duplicated).

It would be much more useful to have a system for tagging playlists. Each user would have their own pool of custom tags with which they could freely associate playlists. A user could then associate whatever playlists they wanted. Examples:

  • pop, rock, electronica, jazz (genre)
  • happy, sad, excited, chilled (mood)
  • getting ready, winding down, bedtime, party (situational)
  • home, gym, car, work (location)
  • new, old, favorites, recommended by friends (whatever 🙃)

So a playlist could be tagged pop, electronica, happy, getting ready, gym and appear under all of those tags.

Concrete requests:

  • As a user I want to create/read/update/delete tags for playlists.
  • As a user I want to tag a playlist from within the playlist view.
  • As a user I want to tag playlists to the tag view (to accommodate users with lots of existing/imported playlists).
  • As a user I want to select one or more tags to view the playlists with the selected tag(s).
  • As a user I want to add the filtered playlists to a queue of tracks comprising the combined playlists (based on order of selection initially, with the option to shuffle).
  • As a user I want to keep my tags organized (e.g. sorting by alpha/recent, search).
  • As a user I want the treatment of case-sensitivity to be intuitive or clearly signposted (e.g. are edm and EDM and eDm the same?).

There is of course potential here for tagging to also work with other entities like songs/albums/artists - which would be great - but unless the system architecture easily supports this, I think playlists are the best candidate because it keeps custom user curation in the same place.

2 replies

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Hey there @deezywheezy! Thank you for creating this idea, 

there have been talks internally to develop suh a feature, so all the feedback from our users is very welcome. 

I will merge your idea to the existing one as we need all the votes concentrated in a single place to defend better the case, 

but I’ll make sure your feedback is highlighted :) 

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