Notification Bell not working on Windows Desktop app since September 2023 Update?

  • 15 September 2023
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Windows 10, latest patches etc. Deezer app updated from Windows Store today (15th September 2023). Notification bell (top right hand corner of app) cannot be clicked to show entries. It worked prior to this update. Logging on to through a browser and the notification bell works. My temporary workaround is to create a shortcut from browser to desktop to and have it selected to open as a window. Anyone else with the same issue? If yes, has this only happened after latest update? 

7 replies

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Hi @therave66 !


Did you try download the app from Deezer com !?

Nina Nebo: I have just tried download from the site using your link. Makes no difference i.e. click bell on website via browser I get the expected dropdown of notification items, on desktop app from store or site I do not.

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 Check for updates: Sometimes your browser may have missed an update. Try updating it to see if it makes a difference

All browsers regularly updated and are up to date…..and this has no relevance because the notification bell feature IS WORKING ON BROWSERS, it’s the desktop app via store or website that does not work!

Can confirm the same issue on the Deezer 5.30.650 using Windows 11 since the last update. It is indeed an issue of the Deezer app, not any browser or something… 

The Bell lost its function as a button somehow.

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Hi @therave66 @jbjb, I checked your account and everything looks fine so it will be related to your Windows Desktop App .

 Please make sure that your Windows System is up to date,  antivirus software is not blocking/limiting Deezer in any way, the energy saving option for Deezer is deactivated and Deezer is installed in the default location (not moved manually).

Then please uninstall the Deezer App, delete temp files (Windows Button -> Search “Delete Temporary Files” -> Remove files), reinstall the app and try again.

If the previous proceder doesn't solve your problem, please  provide me with the following details:
-Windows version and build ID (Settings -> System -> About -> Windows specifications)
-Screenshot of energy saving options (Settings -> System -> Battery)
-Check which Deezer Version is installed
-Antivirus software you are using
-Audio and graphic adapter driver dates and adapter names

As an ex-programmer, although many years ago, I am not understanding the logic of most of the above request (@jbjb what do you think?): it is more as though, in my .net days, as though the “left click EVENT” has no code to display the notifications on the desktop app. How is the graphics and audio drivers relevant when the rest of the app (playing audio and showing graphics) functions as expected?  I use a desktop with no “energy saving options”  turned on - and it is not that the bell does not sometimes display indication marker “flag” (red icon showing number of notifications) that notifications are present which would suggest the system is not being hampered by anti-virus or battery  restrictions or notifications turned off anywhere in the system. I regularly delete temporary files (every week or two at least). I have already uninstalled/re-installed with no effect. I have tried latest versions available from the Windows Store and website download. I am not wishing to be pedantic BUT it seems more, as per my opening remark, as though there is no coding (or a “call” to an incorrect/empty/invalid class/object/procedure) to capture correctly the click event. Perhaps you could check that? If you OR OTHER COMMUNITY MEMBERS(@jbjb please add another comment :) )  could confirm it is working I will investigate and post further details. My PC is Windows 10 64bit with all the latest updates applied.