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  • 26 August 2020
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Hi there. I picked up Deezer’s 3 month deal recently after I cancelled my Spotify subscription and I have found it to be really solid.

Firstly let me note some really positive things about Deezer:

  • Flow is excellent. Not much more to say here.
  • Great recommendations all round for new playlists.
  • Love the fact that Deezer has lyrics. Full lyrics, not stupid factoids nobody cares about!
  • The share to Instagram integration is nice.
  • Simple, clean interface.

I am really keen to stick with Deezer, but I want to list some small annoyances that for now I’ve learnt to work with, but I think changing so they’re more intuitive to UX will make Deezer even better.

  • Can’t queue songs from your favourite tracks or from the search results. Very strange and can’t imagine why this was thought to be a good idea. If it’s a technical limitation, it’s definitely something that needs to be overcome.
  • Slow response time. After interacting with something on the iOS app, I have enough time before the song starts playing to take my finger away from the screen, then go to press the button again because it’s taken so long I think it hasn’t registered my first press.
  • Favourite Tracks playlist art could be easier to see, either give it a unique logo (a heart isn’t super unique) or give it a title.
  • Pressing ‘play’ on Favourite Tracks (in Favourites tab > Favourite Track) when you were previously listening to Favourite Tracks but had paused it doesn’t actually shuffle the songs anew; it simply continues playing the paused song and continues the old queue.
  • Flow can on occasion play a non-explicit version (not a cover) of an explicit song you have in your Favourites.
  • Syncing between devices doesn’t really seem to do what you expect it to – it doesn’t synchronise your queues or the song you’re currently listening to. Bonus points if you had a ‘handoff’ system like Spotify does, so you could be playing something on your iPhone, open Deezer on your iPad, and choose to move the queue and current song from one device to the other.

That’s all the feedback I have for now. Thanks for making this great service!

5 replies

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I am coming from Google Music and it is beyond frustrating you can not queue songs when listening mix radio or flow. I was able to do that on Google Music which will be closed soon forever.

May they improve it. Don’t see honestly why I can not queue all the time.

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Hi @Oberon, thanks for your detailed feedback, I'm happy to pass it on to the right teams! Deezer is working on improvements to make sure we're more intuitive and personalised and this kind of feedback is very helpful!

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Hi @Oberon, thanks for your detailed feedback, I'm happy to pass it on to the right teams! Deezer is working on improvements to make sure we're more intuitive and personalised and this kind of feedback is very helpful!

Hi Rafael. Thanks for your message. So glad to hear this and to see there are devs involved in the community.

Another thing I‘ve now remembered which would be a great addition would be the ability to add split screen and swipe over the Deezer app on iPadOS. This would making interacting with the app much easier as we then wouldn’t have to leave other apps to do it.


I am new to Deezer, coming from Apple Music and Spotify. I bought some nice Beoplay EQ and was missing the option to adjust the sound (as well as getting a little bit louder, as B&O EQ are notoriously on the low volume side). Spotify has an equalizer, but I find it merely distorts the sound. 

I tried Tidal which I was informed had an overall superior sound quality: maybe true but the sound personalization has to be made through a 3rd party app (like Boom or the like) and it’s impractical. Additionally Tidal is missing quite a bunch of songs from my collections in Apple Music and Spotify.  

Deezer seems to accommodate most of my wishes and so far I am convinced I will subscribe when I am through my free trial.

A few highlights and wishes:

  • Streaming quality to CarPlay is by far better than Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal (even the most expensive HIFI+/Master version)
  • Regarding the equalizer: I wish you could save a couple of personalized settings. Not being a shark at coding, I wouldn’t bet next month’s salary on this but my understanding is that once you have given users access to personalize equalizer settings, it should be rather simple to let them save a few. 
  • FLOW is a little of an amazement: it keeps suggesting 80’s songs which I simply do not see match any of my favorites or given artists from the initial setup. The only thing I can think of is my birthdate in 1973. If that really is the case maybe give users the option to include or exclude birth date as a parameter in the algorithm generating FLOW: after 2 days of excluding them and adding a whole lot of real favorites I am still swamped with 80’s greatest hits.

All in all I think Deezer really goes further than similar apps, and the vibrant, positively charged forum and community is a great +.

Keep up the good work. 

Hi @Fabrice Cavoto 

It’s good to hear you’re enjoying Deezer. There’s this information on FLOW here, but it sounds like you’re doing all you can by disliking the bad suggestions. I’m not sure if birthdate is a parameter as I’m older than you, but I don’t get suggestions from around that era. It might be worth contacting support to see if they can help any further.

I hope you get it sorted. 👍🏻