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  • 2 December 2023
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Am I your only one who can’t tap on the bottom line of “mix inspired by”? I mean I tap, but it’s not doing anything.
And also, I can’t listen to my loved tracks without data, even though there are downloaded because the list isn’t charging .

I didn’t find anything to report this, so I posted it here sry


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10 replies

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Hi @axl.qtn !

How you mean  - can’t tap on the bottom line of “mix inspired by”
and also, I can’t listen to my loved tracks without data  !?

Can you be specific or send screenshot .

I can’t click on the last one (at the bottom)

The tow first mix work but not the last one 


and about the loved tracks thing it’s not doing it right now but I’ll send a screenshot when I will have the problem and have no connexion again

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I think @axl.qtn is right, but I’m experiencing something else:

Mixes inspired for me, but….in the first row, the third does play something completely different. 

Every mix starts playing the song that’s visiable on the screen and after that songs inspired by...but the third in the row plays something else and not songs that are inspired by:

Deezer video check over here.

Only on Android, not iOS.

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Mixes inspired by  works if you choose one of title .


I was click on this song and then start to play



when I was scroll down there was lyrics 


After that song was start playing mixes .

All songs which play after song you choose is Mixes inspired by that song .

On android is similar.


All  MIXES (songs which is inspired with song you choose) you can see in queue .

It’s doing it only on my phone and the song won’t even do anything it’s like I clicked on nothing. But it only does this on the bottom line the others work perfectly. 
I'm on iOS 

Thank you for your help anyway 

My problem solved with the last update thank you for your help 🙏🏻

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Which one is it, beta or normal version? I have which still has the bug.

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@Nina Nebo 

On iPad it works as expected. Just iPhone is affected… and this with iOS final release and also beta app. 

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Hi @bluezzbastardzz @Superschlumpf @awesomemac, thank you for reaching out.

I wanted to let you know that the issue you described has been addressed in the latest update (iOS version


Could you please confirm whether the issue still persists on your end or if it has been completely resolved?


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Problem was fixed very quickly and also without need to update the app. 😎

Sorry… just reported this on DE community. 🙈