Launch track mix unexpected behaviour

  • 30 April 2020
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I am pretty sure this is a bug:

  1. Say you search for a music on your Deezer app -- e.g, Olhos Coloridos, Sandra de Sá.
  2. Music is found, we like the song and we want to hear it and other songs alike.
  3. We then click the three dots/options to choose "Launch Track Mix".
  4. A "Track Mix" is indeed launched _but the song we searched and used to launch the tracks mix is *not* there_. Such behaviour is completely unexpected.

**Expected behaviour**:

  • When I ask for "Launch Track Mix", the song I'm using to launch the mix should be the first one in such mix:
    • If the music is already playing, it does *not* stop/restart or anything disruptive should happen, the app should simply start a new playlist/mix with the current song at the top.
    • If the music is *not* already playing -- like in the result of my search, for instance --, then it should start playing *as* the first song of such mix.


3 replies

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Hello @kk Brandt, that’s not a bug, but I agree your suggestion makes a lot of sense. We will make sure to share it with our teams :wink:

Have a nice weekend!

@Kevin Deezer any news on that? Thanks.

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Hello @kk Brandt, none so far unfortunately, we’ve been very busy with many projects recently (gapless, independent accounts on Family subscriptions...) so this was not deemed a priority unfortunately.

Have a nice day!