Keyboard shortcuts when minimized?

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I'd love to be able to skip/play/pause tracks when the program is minimized. Currently, when I want to control what is played, I have to open the window and make it active first, which is a bit annoying when I'm doing other stuff on my computer and it kind of beats the purpose of the shortcuts.


The ability to change shortcuts would also be really neat! I would like to make the shortcuts more like other media’ players for consistency's sake so my small brain doesn't get confused.


Thanks for reading!


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Hey, I merged your idea to an existing one to collect all the votes in the same place!

This will make  a stronger case for an improvement 😊


Thanks! But my question is about the keyboard shortcuts not working at all. The possibility of changing them is second.


Do I have to make a new thread now that mine has been merged?

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Hi @Beee, in fact when you are on the desktop app and minimize the page is not possible to be able to skip/play/pause tracks.
The only option is if the shortcut keys are on your keyboard.



Ahh that's unfortunate, but thank you for the info!