Is there a fix for Deezer Playlist to work properly with Android Auto?

  • 21 February 2022
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When using the Android Auto app, Playlist playback control still needs improving:

1) Playlist running order cannot be changed from Standard. I'd like the option to play the most recently-added tracks first. 

2) Playlists always restart from the first track when selected, which is very unhelpful with larger track lists.

I suggest when a playlist is selected there could be a prompt: Resume / Restart? If Resume is selected the previously played track in the playlist continues and the track order follows that previously set. If Restart is selected, it could then prompt Play Standard / Recently Added first? and play based on the selection. Either this or have these options placed in a sub-menu to be pre-selected. 

I notice this issue has cropped up periodically in the forums but it's still not been addressed. Please can a fix be implemented? 

13 replies

I just asked the same question. Seems after all this time they still haven’t addressed something as simple as being able to go through a playlist.

I got Deezer with my T-mobile account, but seriously considering switching to something else. Can’t say my experience with Deezer over the past 3-4 years has been great. 


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Lots of threads about this issue.  I just replied elsewhere for the same thing:


Simply using the sort order set on the phone would be a big improvement.  No need to even have an option to change the order in the Android Auto interface as it’s rarely changed once you set it (on your phone) anyway.

Just started using Android Auto myself and I'm very surprised that the Deezer app does not have these basic features.  

The option to restart playlist from previous position seems obvious.

What is more frustrating is the inability to view the track list within a playlist.  I see no benefit to excluding this feature.  The benefit is to quickly find a particular track that is somewhere in the middle of a playlist without having to hit next track until you find it.  It really is silly because Apple Carplay has this feature in the Deezer app.  

There is no explanation except Deezer being lazy in this implementation.  Let's get it done!

So today I was playing my favorites playlist and it was playing tracks in the order (most recently added) set on my phone.  The app wasn’t playing tracks in the correct order previously, but today things were good.


There was a recent update last week, so maybe this has been fixed now?  Or I did something differently to get the tracks playing in the correct order.  Anyway, I’ll see if this behavior continues and if so, then I guess things have been “fixed”.

Well, I guess that was a once off… I can no longer make it play my favorites in the order set on the phone.  So I guess this is still an issue.

I am also having the same issue. Deezer has commented about this on other similar threads, but i think they have stopped commenting or bothering about it.

But, dear Deezer, why would you stop user from browsing from playlist in the first place. Please do not try to sell the safety crap.

Do you know what happens in most of the cases? Users use their phone to select particular song from the playlist or select it on Android Auto and keep hitting Next untill they get to the required song. In my opinion both the above options are dangerous than having option to open and select the song from the playlist on the head unit itself.

​​​​Also, why do you assume that its always the driver who operates the head unit, a co passenger can operate it. And in that case why would you prevent selecting a particular song.

The more you restrict the more people will seek other options and make it more dangerous to them, just keep it simple and let users decide.

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Hi @Fred E

Sorry about the delay! I sent your feedback to the right team to check it. 🕵🏼

Take care.

@Johnathan.Deezer Thanks for forwarding this to relevant team.

Also for you information, YT music and Spotify are among the best android auto apps and both have option to browse inside a playlist and start any song within the playlist. Also both the apps shows the “Queue” button when a playlist is being played and selecting this button shows list of all song inside that particular playlist (play queue) and from this list user can further change to another song.

This is kind of a deal breaker for me.

Any updates on this?


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No updates I am afraid @Chento Albrecht, however, we recently launched Automotive OS: