How is Deezer conndct so shit despite it taking literally years to implement?

  • 30 January 2023
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I remember the days on the forum asking for a Spotify Connect like feature on Deezer. Despite those days being more than 5 years ago. And yet it still doesn't work at all. If by some miracle it works for more than 3 seconds it's still limited by simple stuff like Play Next not working but most of the time I hear maybe one second of sound coming out of the device before the client app literally gets a stroke. The host I'm trying to connect to sometimes gives this helpful pop-up:



I know this sounds harsh but the problem is that Deezer is full of bugs which I normally accept since I love the UI, the sound quality, the quizzes and end of year stuff. I defended Deezer to everyone calling me crazy for not just using Spotify but issues like these and the lack of a simple bug report + log in the app is just staggering to me.


Here's the video of the app dying when connect gets selected:



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Hey @HyperX

Sorry about the delay. 

Our developers are already working in a solution for it on our Android app, it’s already solved on our Beta version.🤗

In another hand, our Deezer Connect is only to mobile devices at the moment.😕​​​

Take care.