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  • 30 January 2023
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I was wondering why I am seeing an unknown (to me) artist's logo on my favourite tracks playlist. I checked it out and it turns out the Finnish artist BESS has many songs on Deezer but her logo is showing some guy. Also the info about artist is wrong, it refers to a French band called Bess but they can't be found on Deezer. What is going on here? 🤔


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5 replies

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Hello @2Koota, there was probably an issue when the tracks where distributed.

Can you please send me the links of BESS (Finnish artist) songs?

@Johnathan Finotti will be able to help then :) 

Hi, sure!

This is the artist page. It seems like the problem is actually on that page alone, on the individual songs the logo/picture is of the correct artist. Here's an example:



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Hey @2Koota

Sorry about the delay! 

Our artist team just updated and now it should be fine! 👌🏽

Thanks for your feedback! 😊

Hi, err... I am not sure what fixes were made but I am still seeing this guy's face when searching for BESS. On this page the name is spelled differently but these Top Tracks are from a Finnish female artist. 🤔


I can't find any other artist or band called Bess/bESS.

I tried logging out and then logging back in but there was no change. 


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Hey @2Koota

Forgot to say, the top tracks auto-update 24-48h after the changes, so it will take some more time to update it.😊