add ONE song to an empty queue. ipad mini.

  • 18 June 2021
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I can’t add songs to an empty queue. I can tap any song (within search results, album, favorites, playlist, etc) and that will play and queue EVERYTHING in the screen: the whole album or the whole playlist or all search results etc. 

i have to choose EPS with just one song, so I will have a short queue, and then I can “play next” or “add to queue”. It’s terrible...

2 replies

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Indeed, this is so annoying. On Deezer there is no ‘add to queue’ option when the queue is empty.

I tend to ‘build’ a listening session by adding random songs from playlists, albums and searches into a queue, and this works fine on other services like Tidal and Spotify, but on Deezer there is no option to start an ‘empty queue’ apart from finding a one-sing playlist or album first to ‘initiate’ a one-song queue before I can start.

It confuses me because from a development standpoint this seems a conscious design choice. It would be easier to always allow adding to queue, so someone must have made the decision that it’s a good idea to remove this option in specific cases.

I always gravitate between using Tidal and Deezer, and the outlandish queue behavior is the main thing pushing me towards Tidal. (Which has other issues, pushing me back again.)