Ability to track the carbon emission of my activities on Deezer

  • 27 January 2023
  • 3 replies

Hi, I would like to be able to know how much carbon emission I’m emitting based on my activities on Deezer. And maybe add an option to offset the emission by linking this information to climate projects that will improve the music tech industry (if such projects exist..).

3 replies

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I would say that by using Deezer we need to accept that we are part of the carbon impact that goes along with using all internet/cloud services. Cloud storage uses more energy than many small countries. My guess is that Deezer is a socially responsible company (I hope?). I am sure each of us could have a greater impact in the actions we take on a personal basis and encourage Deezer to take action towards remaining a competitive player in the streaming market.

I love music and tech, and wanting to know my carbon emission does not mean I want to stop using its services. I just wanna be conscious of its impact on environment. I don’t think ‘hoping’ is the right way to encourage Deezer. Spotify is out loud reporting their carbon emission, saying “42% of our GHG emissions come from our listeners' streaming, and we offset all of it”  (source: so I don’t see why Deezer could not do the same and even go further. Most likely the regulations in Europe will oblige them to report it soon anyway, so why not make it a public feature? SNCF app is doing this already and I find it super interesting!