Podcast keeps skipping

  • 13 January 2021
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When listening to the TableManners podcast a lot of the episodes keep skipping to the next episode after the first 10-15 minutes. It’s very random and not all of them but it’s truly annoying. Anyone any idea how to solve the problem?

Many thanks!


3 replies

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Hi @Elaine1971 can you please send me the URL on Deezer for that podcast and a couple of episodes where this happened in order to test it on our side and see if we can reproduce the issue?

Hi Jaime,

Thanks for your reply. These are the two which recently skipped after about 17 minutes. Appreciate any help you can offer!

Discover "Ep 5: Benny Blanco" by Table Manners with Jessie Ware on Deezer

Discover "S3 Ep 2: My Dad Wrote A Porno" by Table Manners with Jessie Ware on Deezer

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Hey there @Elaine1971 

I've checked the podcasts and listened to them without any problems. Are you listening to them on mobile? If yes, please go to the app's settings and delete your cache, it should sort the problem.

Keep us posted! :relaxed: