Delete old artist profile and migrate song to new profile on Deezer

Hello Deezer,


Recently I've officially changed my artist name to R. J. Khan

Please delete my old artist page and migrate (if any) its contents to my new page.

My distributor has already processed the request and the songs are reflecting on my new page.

But the old page is still visible, and it's creating a confusion for listeners and search engines to recognise the correct artist page. That's why I request you to please merge or completely remove the old page.


While you're deleting the page, please revoke access to my old page with mail (, so that I can claim my new page with the same mail.


Hope you'll be able to help.


My old artist page (to be deleted):

Another duplicate page (to be deleted):


My correct artist page (should remain):




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Please remove my artist page, I removed all songs from Distrokid but Deezer show my songs.

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Hi, My name is Moudy Al Arabe I’m a Syrian rapper.

 I have two artist profiles on Deezer can I marge them to one account?

I want it to be on Moudy Al Arabe please! So the second link..


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Hello @rajualikhan

All done 💪🏽