Unable to add the selected tracks to the playlist on Android

  • 14 August 2019
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I have been experiencing this error on my Android 7.0 phone when trying to add new songs to the playlist (;utm_content=playlist-6209841564&utm_term=2938404124_1565810170&utm_medium=web). I have already reinstalled the app and cleared the cache and local files but the error persists. I have also checked I have the latest version of the app. The playlist is way below the top limit of songs.

However, when using the desktop version I can add them without errors.

Any help on the issue will be appreciated.



The literal error is: "Unable to add the selected tracks to the"All_my_songs" playlist". It doesn't matter if I change the playlist.

2 replies

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Hi Mauricio, I'm sorry about that! Have you already reinstalled the app?
Yes I have already done that. The problem persists.