Someone in another country is using my account

  • 19 September 2022
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So I have been having an issue a while. I keep getting messages where someone is using my account. There is my husband, myself and daughter in our family account.  When I'm listening my music changes to some heavey metal music and mine stops. I have found music not mine in my tracks and albums. This is constant issue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled  it's happening to me and my husband. How do I stop this.  I have just attempted to change the password and it say an error has occurred. I don't know how to get rid off the devices on there. Also how do I remove this musica from my personal play list. I oy want the one that says car. 


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Hey @Clare Duggan please get in touch with our Deezer Support Team and one of our agents will be able to check your account in the system and help you to fix the problem.
Thanks and apologies for all the inconvenience.