Is the Deezer app in Chromecast with Google TV app CD Quality?

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I have the CCWGTV and have the Deezer app running.  When playing the same song through the app vs casting it from my phone - I thought it just didn’t sound the same.  So I checked the data consumption for each option and Viola ! 

Casting to CCWGTV                                - 25Mb (roughly) per song

Playing through the built in app           - 5Mb (roughly) per song

This is when playing the same song.  This leads me to believe that when I cast - Chromecast fetches the lossless version of the song.  But...when I use the built-inn app - I am getting AAC (or whatever lossy format is being fetched).

Hence my request for clarity - is the Deezer app built into the Chromecast With Google TV able to play HIFI quality?  If it is, where do I make the necessary changes to enable this change?

Thanks you.


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Hey there @AuralS

Can you please tell me the version of the app you have installed on your TV? 

Thanks a lot! 

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It says Version 3.0.0 updated July 2, 2019.  It is installed on the Chromecast dongle.



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Hey there @AuralS

Thank you for pointing this out to us, we were not aware. 

On our side we stream in Hifi quality, the must be an issue on Google’s side. 

We are looking into it!