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  • 22 September 2022
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I have redownloaded the app approx 3 times and keep having the same issue. 

My playlists won't fully download, and have the green tick suggesting they have (see screenshot below). The playlist below is less than 5% downloaded yet has the green tick. Also I have taken the app off intelligent control so it can always run in the background - makes no difference (my phone has plenty of ram so makes no sense)

I am out of ideas, having soft reset my phone as well and cleared Deezer storage and cache multiple times. I am trying to download in HiFi btw.

Thanks in advance, Joe



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2 replies

Same issue here and has been an issue ever since I subscribed to Deezer.  Some tracks just won’t download in a playlist or album.  I’ve tried everything (clearing cache, reinstalling app etc etc) but this issue still seems to happen.

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Hey there, @Joe Wilson 

This is unsual, are you downloading while connected to Wifi? 

What version of iOS or Android do you have on your mobile?